We're pleased to offer the following services at Mulberry Grove Animal Hospital:

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                                               Emergency & Urgent Care

Emergencies are accepted anytime our clinic is open. If you feel you have an emergency with your pet please call us. A staff member will advise you on your particular emergency and alert the staff of the situation.

Urgent Care visits will be managed between our regularly scheduled appointments, please note wait times may be longer.

                                             Routine Exams & Vaccinations

You can schedule your pet's routine exam and vaccine appointment through your pet portal or by contacting the office. We schedule appointments every 30 minutes to allow our staff enough time to thoroughly discuss your pet's needs and for our doctors to perform a complete exam while leaving time to answer any questions that may arise.

Prevention is key to helping your pets live long healthy lives, we work closely with our pet owners making sure to educate and offer the best diagnostics the industry has to offer.

                                                      Dental Cleanings

We perform dental cleanings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is considered a surgical procedure therefore our technicians schedule all dental cleanings as well as go over the treatment plans which are based on the doctor's examination. All confirmations and instructions are also discussed by our technicians the day prior to the procedure.

                                                     Grooming & Bathing

Bathing isn't all we do..we have a professional groomer too!

Stop in and meet Jennifer, our groomer- bring your furry friend in too for a consult. 

 For our pets who do not require as much attention to their "do" we also offer a spa like bathing option. We use the hydro surge bathing system which allows the shampoo to be combined with water and oxygen helping it to penetrate the coat more effectively as well as offer a more thorough rinse.

Bath Pricing

Basic- Bath only      Up to 40 lbs $28             Premier- Bath, nail trim, anal gland expression      Up to 40 lbs  $43

                            41 to 70 lbs $35                                                                                  41 to 70 lbs  $50

                            Over 71 lbs $42                                                                                   Over 71 lbs  $57


Come in and tour our facility, we have accommodations for all sizes of canine guests.

Here at Mulberry Grove Animal Hospital we understand that each guest has very different needs. We are committed to meeting your pet’s needs during their stay with us. A benefit of boarding in our hospital is the reassurance that we are able to offer a doctor-supervised home away from home not to mention, we also have a groomer on site! Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring place for your pet to stay while you are away.  We can accommodate long stays or maybe you are just looking for 'day care' to provide the attention your pet craves while you’re away.

Our boarding facility is completely indoors with central air conditioning and heating which provides a consistent comfortable climate 24 hours a day. Kennels and runs are available so that your pet may be placed in the enclosure that is appropriate for its size. Alternatively, you may request an upgrade in the size of the enclosure for a nominal fee.

                                                                 A little about yours pets stay.

We encourage you to bring your pet’s regular diet,in gallon sized Ziploc bags, to eat while staying with us. We also provide top quality Royal Canin GI Low Fat dog food in the event you forget or if our guest needs a little enticing. Fresh water is available at all times. We will administer your pet’s medications (prescription or OTC) exactly as directed by you, please bring them in their ORIGINAL bottles. We will not accept any medications that are not in their original bottles. Your pet’s quarters are kept clean and sanitized, and guests are walked a minimum or four times daily. Bowls and bedding are provided, please do not bring any from home.

To keep our kennel parasite free, all animals are given a Capstar® upon arrival. This is a pill that rids them of any and all fleas within their first hour of their stay. A stool sample is obtained and screened for intestinal parasites. If internal parasites are found, a physical will be performed and your pet will be dewormed appropriately. If external parasites such as ticks are found, a single dose of Nexgard® will be given orally or Frontline Gold will be applied topically.

All pets must have proof of current vaccinations when staying with us, this includes Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella and Canine Influenza Vaccines. If their vaccines are overdue we will not be able to accommodate your pet for a minimum of 2 weeks after their vaccines have been administered. We encourage you to have records sent to us prior to your boarding reservation, preferably via email, so they may be easily uploaded to our system and become part of your pet's permanent record.

Accommodations for weekend pick-ups/drop offs during non-business hours can be made. Our drop off and pickup times are Saturday from 5:30pm-5:45pm and Sunday 8:30-8:45 am and 5:30-5:45 pm. There is a charge of $20.00 for this convenience and we ask that prepayment for their stay and any services is arranged prior to their drop off.

**Please allow 10-20 minutes at drop off for staff to receive guests and have all permission forms signed.**

**If you grant MGAH and its representatives the right to take photos of your pet, we can send you photos while you are away on vacation. Please initial on our photo release line when checking in!**

Boarding Rates as of November 1st 2018

Small dog Accommodations- $21.00/Night

Indoor Run Accommodations- $28.00/Night (All dogs > 30lbs are housed in a 3’6’ indoor run)

                    For pets with medications, there is a charge of $2 per med/per administration/per day. ($10.00 max/day)

It is a requirement that each guest receives:

Capstar® $5.25 (To keep our facility flea free for your pet)

Fecal Exam $18.65 (If pet has had a full price fecal at our facility with in the last 6 months, the fecal exam will be complimentary)

                                                                   Bathing options available with boarding

                                                                     1-2 nights $23-35 (based on weight)

                                                                                 3-5 nights $20.00

                                                                           >5 nights Complimentary

                                                           **Please ask about special rates for diabetic pets**

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