Looking for a new Family Member?


Choosing to add a pet to your life is a big decision!

Pets are life-long commitments, and keeping a pet happy, healthy, fed, and well-exercised requires time and money. In order to pick the right pet for you, one must consider your lifestyle, living situation, and how much care you are able or willing to provide. Some pets require very little interaction with their owners, while others need almost constant companionship! Also, everyone in your family or who reside in your home must be included in the decision.

If you have questions about what pet is right for you, do not hesitate to contact our office!

Click the links below to check out our local shelters where your next furry companion may be waiting!

Marion County
Marion County Animal Services
Humane Society of Marion County

Lake County
Lake County Animal Shelter
Humane Society of Lake County

Sumter County
Sumter County Animal Services
YOUR Humane Society SPCA

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