Click here to read the American Veterinary Medical Association's statement on COVID-19 and how it affects your pet.

Mulberry Grove Animal Hospital and COVID-19

With the coronavirus impacting life across the globe and raising questions among the public, Mulberry Grove Animal Hospital remains committed to providing a safe and healthy space for staff and clients/pets.

We are observing the following protocols:

  1. Our office will be operating under our regular schedule.  If hours are impacted, we will alert our clients via email and the general public on Facebook and our website.
  2. We will be adding additional cleaning cycles to our already rigorous schedule.  Included in our cleaning routine are disinfecting of the counter tops/exam tables, client seating, doorknobs, light switches, payment processing devices (including stylus) after EACH patient visit.  The disinfectant used is labeled to kill viruses among other pathogens.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be available in our lobby (as long as commercially available). We encourage you to use this as you enter and exit the office.
  4. The upholstered items in our lobby have been removed to allow for easier disinfection of the furniture.
  5. The coffee and water dispensers have been removed from our reception area.
  6. We will maintain “social distancing” by instituting a “no handshake” policy and offering curbside service as well as telemedicine options**.
  7. If a client is sick, we ask that they inform us immediately.  We will then allow your pet to be seen only with our curbside service as described in option 2.

As we implement these additional efforts, you may experience longer wait times for your appointments or products to be delivered.  We appreciate your patience as we work to keep our community safe. 

*Curbside Service

We understand that our clients may opt to limit contact with others when bringing their pets to our hospital.   Two options are available to assist you:

  1. When you arrive at our clinic, feel free to call our front desk at 352-245-9009 to let us know you are here. When your exam room is ready, you will then be taken directly into the room rather than waiting in our lobby. 
  2. When you arrive at our clinic, feel free to call the front desk at 352-245-9009 and we can take your pet directly from you car and you may wait in your car while we examine your pet and discuss your pets health via your cell phone.  A staff member can take payment at the curbside.

Pet foods and medications can be delivered to you in your car if you prefer not to enter our building.

**Telemedicine Service

Some clients may want to avoid all contact with others or may be sick themselves.  We will offer phone consultations for our existing clients as follows:

  1. Clients may only receive consults for pets that have been seen by our veterinarians with in the last 12 months. 
  2. The fee for a phone consultation will be $42. 
  3. Phone consultations may result in the recommendation for an in person visit to better evaluate a pet.  Should your pet require an in person visit, an additional examination fee will be charged.
  4. Clients may be asked to provide pictures or videos via email to aid in a proper evaluation.  If this is not available, the client will be asked to make an in person visit.  A refund on the consultation fee will not be available.
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